* A new, innovative music content service for in-venue and in-store media providers.
* A new avenue of distribution and promotion for artists and music creators.
* A new opportunity to increase revenue from in-venue music / artist airplay.



A derivative of rhi·zome / ˈrīˌzōm (noun)

1. A rhizome is a plant stem that grows horizontally under or along the ground and sends out roots and shoots. New plants then develop from the shoots.

Content Service

The global emerging and independent music scenes have developed into a highly respected, vibrant and rich pool of talent within the music industry. New music discovery in turn offers innovative, high quality, trend-setting and diverse music solutions for in-venue music providers and their brands.


Rhiza is not a production music library or royalty-free music library. We are all about music discovery and we look to work with music creators who have a strong vision for themselves as artists. With that in mind, we only distribute the very best artists, bands and producers from the global emerging music scene to our growing network of in-venue music providers and their digital platforms, for use across a broad selection of brands.

We are committed to providing :

A reliable, professional service.

Effective communication with music supervisors, music curators, playlisters, content managers and in-house music teams.

Unique artists and great sounding commercially released tracks from a wide variety of genres.

Carefully curated music, with background music requirements in mind.

Our network includes...









Distribution & Promotion

With the music industry ever changing, new opportunities are emerging for artists, labels and content owners alike to present their music via new distribution avenues for music consumers to enjoy.

Our established network offers artists and music content owners the chance to reach the audiences of a huge variety of brands; empowering consumers to connect with your music through advanced in-venue media technology combined with potential Shazam engagement. Consequently, the artists we distribute gain access to a valuable and alternative avenue of airplay promotion, which can support their new releases, touring schedules and promotional campaigns.

Our distribution portfolio, via our current in-venue music provider network, supplies : bars, restaurants, stores, cafes, fashion brands, hotels, gyms, airlines and anywhere else music may be played "in-venue" and ensures our playlisted artists reach over 50,000 venues and a prospective 50 million monthly listeners.

Please check our FAQ section for further information about our service.

Increased Revenue

As well as offering an alternative way to distribute and promote artists and their music, our placements can increase global annual public performance revenue streams and generate supplementary revenue and royalties for all content owners, artists, writers and performers through the increased public performance of their music.

We believe that if you are an artist who is serious about your career, you'll have ensured you, as a composer, songwriter and performer, are registered with the correct PRO's around the world to benefit from their distribution of royalties. Hence, we look to deliver the majority of music to PRO licensed in-venue media providers. This means you don't have to de-register your recordings or compositions from PRO's and CMO's or "work outside of" the music industry in any way, in order to have your music placed. 

Rhiza strives to ensure the artists and creators are fairly compensated, via tracking all usages and plays across our network aswell as regularly reviewing and prioritizing that all due income is released from the PRO societies.