* A new, innovative music content service for in-venue and in-store media providers.
* A new avenue of distribution and promotion for artists and music creators.
* A new opportunity to increase revenue from in-venue music / artist airplay.



A derivative of rhi·zome / ˈrīˌzōm (noun)

1. A rhizome is a plant stem that grows horizontally under or along the ground and sends out roots and shoots. New plants then develop from the shoots.

Content Service for Music Providers

The emerging and independent music scenes have become a significant force within the music industry on a global scale. By tapping into these scenes, in-venue music providers can access a diverse and dynamic pool of talent, with artists who are often pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds and genres. This can be incredibly valuable for brands that want to stay ahead of the curve and offer their customers a unique and engaging experience. Moreover, supporting emerging and independent artists can also be a way for brands to demonstrate their commitment to diversity, creativity, and innovation.


Our focus is on music discovery, and we seek to collaborate with music creators who have a clear artistic vision. For this reason, we only exclusively distribute the very best artists, bands, and producers from the global emerging music scene to our expanding network of in-venue music providers and their digital platforms, catering to a diverse range of brands. Rhiza is not a production music library or a royalty-free music library. All our artists are fully registered with global PRO's for use across your licensed networks.


Our commitment includes:

  • Providing a dependable and professional service.
  • Maintaining effective communication with music supervisors, curators, playlisters, content managers, and in-house music teams.
  • Offering unique artists and commercially released tracks of excellent quality across various genres.
  • Carefully curating our music selection with background music requirements in mind.
  • Providing fully licensed music.










Distribution & Promotion for Artists

As the music industry continues to evolve, new opportunities arise for artists, labels, and content owners to showcase their music through various distribution channels for music enthusiasts to enjoy.

Through our established network, we offer artists and content owners the chance to connect with audiences across a broad range of brands, empowering consumers to engage with their music through advanced in-venue media technology and potential Shazam engagement. This provides the artists we distribute with a valuable and alternative avenue for promoting their new releases, touring schedules, and promotional campaigns. 


Our distribution portfolio includes bars, restaurants, stores, cafes, fashion brands, hotels, gyms, airlines, and other venues where music is played "in-venue." This ensures that our playlisted artists reach over 50,000 venues and a potential audience of 50 million monthly listeners.

If youd like to join our network, please visit our FAQ's. 

Increased Revenue for Artists

In addition to offering an alternative distribution and promotion platform for artists and their music, our placements can increase global annual public performance revenue streams and generate additional revenue and royalties for content owners, artists, writers, and performers through increased public performance of their music.

We believe that if you're an artist serious about your career, you should be registered with the appropriate PROs worldwide to benefit from their royalty distributions. We work closely with PRO-licensed in-venue media providers, allowing you to keep your recordings and compositions registered with PROs and CMOs. 


At Rhiza, we strive to ensure that artists and creators receive fair compensation by tracking all usages and plays across our network and regularly reviewing and prioritizing the release of all due income from PRO societies.