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We're pleased to have placed the talented artist 'Nxdia' on In Flight Entertainment systems across Lufthansa Airlines.  

Nxdia, an alternative-pop singer-songwriter hailing from Manchester, brings a unique blend of influences to her music. Born in Egypt and raised with an Egyptian-Sudanese heritage, she migrated to the UK at the age of eight. Fluent in both English and Arabic, Nxdia seamlessly weaves these languages into her songwriting and performances.

Drawing inspiration from her early years in Cairo, where she lived next to a cinema, Nxdia's imagination was sparked by the vivid imagery of film, leading her to explore creativity through drawing and poetry. This early fascination with storytelling has since infused her music with rich narratives and mesmerizing vocal arrangements.

In 2020, Nxdia embarked on a journey of sharing her music and life experiences on TikTok, quickly amassing a devoted following of over 700k supporters. Her single ‘OUCH!’ released in 2021, garnered significant attention, earning placement in major editorial playlists and airplay on BBC Introducing Manchester and BBC Radio 1. With over 2 million streams, ‘OUCH!’ stands as a testament to Nxdia's burgeoning talent and burgeoning presence in the music scene.

In the realm of contemporary music, Nxdia's latest offering, "She Likes a Boy," transcends its viral TikTok origins, evolving into a poignant anthem that encapsulates the essence of the sapphic coming-of-age journey. With a skillful fusion of relatable lyrics and a universally resonant chorus, the track strikes a chord with listeners worldwide.

The irresistible catchiness of the song's chorus, currently igniting trends on TikTok, serves as a melodic beacon for the sapphic community navigating the complexities of self-discovery and teenage romance. Nxdia adeptly captures the intricacies of these experiences, offering a musical sanctuary for those who seek comfort in shared narratives.