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Night Tapes


What began as evening jam sessions between roommates has evolved into a global success, led by band members Max Doohan, Sam Richards, and Iiris Vesik. Night Tapes, with their recognizable and infectious brand of dream pop, is a genre-fluid project that pushes the boundaries of electronics, lyrics, and themes. Drawing inspiration from both real-life experiences and spiritual, metaphysical realms, they blend these elements into a unique world of their own.

The vocals on "Every Day Is a Game" bear a striking resemblance to Grimes, but with a clearer sense of diction. As a huge fan of Grimes, I find this track a delight to listen to. The high-pitched, airy vocals create a soothing atmosphere, seamlessly blending with the music and functioning almost like an instrument. As the song gradually builds to its gentle crescendo, it evokes the vibes of Grimes' track "Dream Fortress." A beautiful sense of emotion radiates from the tones, exuding an otherworldly intimacy and vulnerability.


We have placed their song 'Everyday is a game' across our network of: 

 H&M, Jigsaw, Butlins Skegness, Liz Earle, M&S, Magnet Kitchens, Mint Velvet, Phase Eight, The White Company