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Music publishing is an essential part of the music industry and plays a crucial role in an artist's ability to earn money from their music. Here are some reasons why music publishing is important for earning money as an artist:


Music publishing is responsible for collecting and distributing royalties to the songwriters and publishers of a song. This includes mechanical royalties for physical and digital sales, performance royalties for radio broadcasts, live performances, and public perfvormaces in pubs, bars, cafes etc. Also synchronization royalties for the use of music in film, TV, and other media.

 Copyright protection:

Music publishing companies help protect the copyright of an artist's work. They ensure that no one else can use their music without permission or payment. They also help negotiate licensing deals for the use of an artist's music.

Promotion and Marketing:

Music publishing companies work to promote an artist's music to potential listeners and music industry professionals. This can help an artist get more exposure and increase their chances of earning money from their music.

International Oppurtunities:

Music publishing companies can help artists earn money from their music in other countries by collecting royalties directly from international performance rights organizations.


In summary, music publishing is essential for earning money as an artist because it helps collect and distribute royalties, protect the copyright of an artist's work, promote and market their music, and open up international opportunities for earning revenue.