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In 2018's retail landscape, it's almost guaranteed that on any given day you'll potentially be tuned in to someone else’s curated music stream via their own personal Spotify playlists.

Whether being played in a café, bar or at the hairdresser’s, music is being streamed via this means, everywhere.

Why does this matter?

Because consuming music in this way means that many of the rights owners, artists and writers are deprived of royalties due to them via public performance collection societies.

In the largest global study of the background music business to date, Nielsen Music has found that composers, artists, and musicians could be missing out on an estimated $2.65bn a year

That's $138m each month worldwide that is not accounted to artists when their music is played in commercial locations without the appropriate licence.

You'll agree that this is a staggering amount of money that never finds it's way to the artists, many of whom have no external investment to support their careers.

It is our proud mission at Rhiza Music to highlight this issue to all rights owners, self releasing / emerging and independent artists worldwide.

It's time to start spreading the word!