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Throughout his impressive 19-year career, Marshall Watson has delighted listeners with a wide variety of musical creations, showcasing his talent on numerous record labels. However, it is his effortless mastery of downtempo music, particularly his ambient and Balearic pieces, that has left an enduring mark.

His exceptional skills caught the attention of Phil Cooper, the founder of NuNorthern Soul, leading to Watson's collaboration with the label in the summer of 2021. The resulting EP, titled "Sunsets on Larkin Parts 1 & 2," was unquestionably exceptional. A similar sentiment holds true for his long-awaited return to the label with "Foothills," an EP overflowing with captivating melodies, sustained chords, serene textures, and gently unwinding rhythms.

Watson's distinctive interpretation of Balearic music takes center stage in the opening track of the EP, aptly named "High Desert." This blissful creation transports listeners to a dreamlike state with its relaxed electric guitars, ethereal electric piano melodies, resonating chords, and subtly pulsating electronic elements, all gracefully unfolding over a laid-back beat. While ideally suited for watching the sun descend over the beloved Pacific Coast or the Mediterranean Sea, "High Desert" offers a dose of hazy sonic sunshine capable of brightening even the gloomiest of days.