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Marsh makes wonderfully melodic deep house music.

His unforgettably lush, melodic, and cinematic music has managed to attract fans from both ends of the electronic music spectrum, from deep house to trance, ever since, in large part due to the influential support of Above & Beyond, Chicane, and various other global leaders. A half-decade of artistic growth has led the London native to a defining moment in his career: the release of "Life On The Shore," his debut artist album.

Straddling deep and melodic progressive house, Marsh's twelve breathtaking album cuts invoke an air of romance, if not eroticism, as gentle grooves, distant atmospheric effects, and soothing, yet indelible melodic themes envelop the listener. Ellie Shantz (over four million plays on Spotify for their collaboratove track "Make"), Katherine Amy, and Marcelle Antunes, all treat us to a total of five standout vocal contributions to Marsh's dream-like soundscapes. Rendering the listener pensive and profoundly at peace, "Life On The Shore," in the final analysis, seems to conjure a utopian existence, in which life is both more relaxed and spiritually fulfilling.

You can hear Marsh on British Airways flights starting 1st August 2018.