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{Rhiza} A derivative of rhi·zome / ˈrīˌzōm (noun)

1. A rhizome is a plant stem that grows horizontally under or along the ground and sends out roots and shoots. New plants then develop from the shoots.



Rhiza is not a production music library or royalty-free music library. We are all about music discovery and we look to work with music creators who have a strong vision for themselves as artists. With that in mind, we only distribute the very best artists, bands and producers from the global emerging music scene to our growing network of in-venue music providers and their digital platforms, for use across a broad selection of brands.

Our distribution portfolio, via our current in-venue music provider network, supplies : bars, restaurants, stores, cafes, fashion brands, hotels, gyms, airlines and anywhere else music may be played "in-venue" and ensures our playlisted artists reach over 50,000 venues and a prospective 50 million monthly listeners.