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How to Place Your Music on In-Venue Playlists

If you’re finding yourself reading this post then no doubt you’ve already started to release your music and you’ve found yourself a solid distribution partner to help distribute your tunes on all the key streaming platforms, download stores and, let’s not forget, into the amazing Shazam database.

You will also be actively promoting the release yourself or via a PR agent. You will possibly have scored a play on your local radio station or BBC Introducing, a review from one of the respected blogs in your genre, a premiere on one of the relevant online mags and a post from one of your chosen social media influencers… And just maybe, the holy grail in these days of streaming, a spot on several editorial Spotify playlists.

All your hard work also opens up an opportunity for you to be placed on a variety of in-venue playlists via Rhiza’s network.

What does Rhiza do?

Delivering music to a cacophony of public spaces, in-flight entertainment systems and pub jukeboxes is something we’ve been doing here at Rhiza for years now in conjunction with our partners at Sentric Music.

Since 2018 alone, our artists’ tunes have been streamed in public millions of times in anywhere from H&M to COOP to Costa to Superdry to British Airways to American Airlines and boatloads more...

At Rhiza, we advocate for pitching to in-venue and in-store playlists alongside traditional radio promotion. With an extensive network spanning pubs, bars, student unions, restaurants, stores, cafes, fashion brands, hotels, gyms, airlines, and beyond, we offer artists and catalog owners access to over 50,000 venues and an estimated 50 million monthly listeners. Through advanced in-venue media technology like overhead speakers, visual product screens, and digital jukeboxes, coupled with potential Shazam engagement, artists can leverage an alternative avenue of airplay promotion to bolster new releases, tours, and promotional campaigns.

Every time your song and recording grace public spaces, you, as the songwriter and performer, should also receive royalties.

But how does it work?


Ensuring your copyrights and neighbouring rights are correctly registered with PRS for Music and PPL (and their global territory equivalents such as GEMA, GVL, SENA, Buma Stemra etc) is paramount.

Sentric Music excels at managing these administrative tasks, ensuring all necessary global registrations are completed efficiently. This guarantees that you, as the songwriter and master rights holder, receive due royalties when your music is publically performed in any way (e.g via your gigs, in-store, in-flight, in-venue and on radio & TV etc)

To easily register your songwriting shares/copyrights, you can sign up via this link:

If you also control 100% of the master rights to your songs, then you can sign up to register your neighbouring rights too, via this link:

Pitching the Music:

Once you've squared away your administrative obligations, you can pitch your new music to us via Sentric's services/portal or via

Keep in mind that not all music suits public airplay – Epic, fifteen minute ambient excursions which explore the depths of the human psyche are definitely not for Costa. Also, it’s worth noting that if you do have a penchant for using the odd swear word, then it’s probably wise you supply a clean edit of your music as well. Alternatively, some of our clients are fine with explicit language, but just make sure you mark it as “explicit” somewhere in your track title or metadata

Other than that we love pitching unique artists and great-sounding commercially released tracks from a wide variety of genres.

Rest assured, once your music enters a database, it stands a chance of being played anytime and anywhere.

So, when do the royalties start rolling in?

The lifecycle of a track, from pitching to placement in a playlist database, typically spans between one to two months.

Once selected for a venue playlist, it may then take several months for plays to be reported to societies like PRS and PPL.

Typically, it takes about 9 to 18 months to see publishing income or neighbouring rights income with Sentric distributing quarterly and bi-annually.


❤️ Rhiza Team