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Calva Louise are regarded by many critics as a once-in-a-generation act.

In a world where there's never been so much new music, their no-frills approach to rock music in 2019 really is a breath of fresh air.
We've been huge supporters of their recorded music on our network, where they've been one of our most in demand new artists, and with the quality of the live promo show they recently did at Pirate Studios we can understand why.

An amazingly tight performance, all the best vibes and the most naturally gifted lead guitarist / singer we can remember, this band is phenomenal.

We'd strongly urge you to check out this recording, their amazing album Rhinoceros and to buy a ticket to see them too.

"This band's energy could easily make our generation rethink the modern and reject the corrupted mainstream, in favour of something more visceral" - Clash music