TOMPAUL, emerging as prominent figures in the Swiss electro scene, originally began their journey as skilled authors and composers. They seamlessly blend dance floor rhythms with a vibrant ensemble of instruments including trombones and guitars, all harmonized by the distinctive voice of Tom Fisher. Their inaugural EP, "Rain," saw the light in 2016.

Having graced the stage over 30 times in Switzerland, they've also had the privilege of opening for renowned international acts and captivating audiences at Berlin's esteemed Feel Festival. While their music finds a natural home on dance floors, its allure extends beyond clubs, resonating in various unexpected settings.

TOMPAUL draws inspiration from the ethereal ambiance of dawn, infusing their soundscape with gentle yet precise rhythms, resonant basslines, and a fusion of synthesizers with organic instrumentation. They frequently draw comparisons to revered bands such as Bob Moses, Moderat, and Monolink.

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