New Arcades are a London based, synth-pop / electronic music duo consisting of Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan.
They incorporate various influences, using a mixture of vintage synthesizers, pop melodies and electronic elements to create a nostalgic, 80’s inspired sound.

Their music has appeared on films such as ‘Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’ and ‘A Light Beneath Their Feet’ and they have also contributed an exclusive track for the mobile game ‘RetroDrive’.

They have previously played various shows in the U.K as well as a live studio session for BBC Radio.

After putting out various singles and EPs, the end of 2019 saw the release of their debut album, Returning Home.

2021 kicked off with Goldroom releasing the New Arcades remix of “Till Sunrise (Remix).

They will be releasing their second album on September 17th 2021 via New Retro Wave Records.

They are currently releasing music through AWAL and New Retro Wave Records.

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