Raised in Minnesota, Lutalo's early years were defined by constant journeys across the Mississippi River, traversing the pulsing heart of the Twin Cities, shuttling between their Minneapolis residence and St. Paul's school. In 2022, a gentle yet significant shift occurred. Lutalo and their partner relocated eastward, embracing the serene peaks of Vermont, taking stewardship of a parcel of land with a vision to forge a close-knit community. This endeavor embodies a cherished aspiration: to craft a distinctive existence, leaving behind a tangible legacy for generations to come. The whirlwind of their earlier life now yields to a steadfast determination, an ardent wish to not become ensnared in the chaos of the world.

At present, Lutalo's realm is one of fresh beginnings and unexplored territories, a quest for radiance amid life's shadows. Their outlook remains buoyant, their conviction unshakeable that transformation blossoms from a belief in a brighter tomorrow. "Simultaneously, you must acknowledge that this is your moment to be alive," reflects Lutalo, "to seek out beauty in those fleeting moments, and fixate on the minutiae: observing the water's gentle descent in the stream, witnessing the thawing of ice from rooftops."


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