Blondes formed during their freshman year at college and have maintained an unchanged lineup since their inception as a cover band: featuring vocalist Will Potter, guitarists Alex Davidson and Daniel Stroud, who also plays drums, Mark Turton on keys and guitar, and bassist Tom Herbert.

Starting as a small college band, Blondes performed gigs across London, building a dedicated local fan base. Post-graduation, the band made a collective decision to share a house. This living arrangement became a game-changer during the lockdown.

Living together enabled the five musicians to continue creating music throughout the pandemic. While missing the exhilaration of live shows, they utilized this unusual time to focus on their music. Initially attempting to replicate the live music experience in their living room, they realized it couldn't match the real thing. This led them to introspection and deeper songwriting, resulting in a maturation of their music. Their new compositions represent a natural evolution accelerated by the reflective period afforded by lockdown. Blondes have discovered a distinct sound they resonate with and intend to push its boundaries as far as possible.

Their musical style draws from decades of influences. Initially, they aimed to emulate their inspirations but evolved to pay homage to these artists while crafting their unique sound—a fusion of alternative pop-rock that they describe as their own brand of "euphoric indie-pop." Their goal is to evoke a feeling of pure bliss, akin to experiencing a favorite band's performance at a festival while sitting atop someone's shoulders, encapsulating a moment of perfect euphoria through their music.


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