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London-based Danish musician Amalie Bryde, previously known as Kool Kat, remains a notable force in the contemporary R&B, soul, and jazz genres. She has masterfully curated her distinct sonic identity, resonating with emotion and fueled by her invigorating maverick ethos.

In her latest single, 'Love Again,' the songstress maneuvers through the aftermath of a breakup, yearning to rediscover the essence of love. Collaborating with producer J.Ar.J. (known for his work with artists like Jordan Stephens and Yiigaa), 'Love Again' exudes a cool, nostalgic sound reminiscent of the noughties era. Amalie's ethereal vocals interlace with melancholy, evoking a sense of loneliness while recounting her longing for a love now lost.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Amalie shares, "Two years ago, I found myself in the midst of overcoming a difficult breakup. Like many, I ventured into dating apps and went on dates in London, seeking that sensation—the feeling of falling 'Love Again.' I aimed to create something genuine, transcending the superficial profiles I encountered. The first verse encapsulates this desire, 'want to build a house, on grounds so strong it leaves no room for doubt.'"

Driven by raw emotion and a visionary outlook, 'Love Again' marks another pivotal stride in Amalie Bryde's career, hinting at an exciting year ahead. Her debut headline show at Paper Dress Vintage in November sold out, while she's garnered attention from Jess Iszatt on BBC Introducing London and esteemed music publications like CLASH, Record Of The Day, The Pit, among others. Renowned for her fierce creativity, Amalie often takes a hands-on role in directing and editing her music videos and boasts proficiency in production (having self-produced her previous single, 'Like This Like That'). With a promising start to the year, anticipate more releases and an upcoming EP from this multifaceted artist.


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