Alex O’aiza


A seasoned independent artist, is well-versed in the realm of music creation. Beyond crafting irresistible indie-pop tunes that bear the raw emotional signature from his therapy sessions, he diligently juggles his musical aspirations with a day job in Denton, channeling its proceeds into his artistic pursuits. His most recent release, “Let You Go,” embodies a breezy, self-aware breakup anthem complemented by a visually stunning pink-themed music video filmed in collaboration with Irving’s Coffee Pot studios.

The track narrates the poignant journey of two individuals parting ways in a manner that prioritizes emotional health and maturity. Penned by the 26-year-old O’aiza in December, the song draws inspiration from his experience witnessing The 1975 live a month prior.

Reflecting on the genesis of the song, O’aiza shares, “I wrote this coming off... not from a relationship, but from a romantic involvement I had with someone. She and I eventually drifted apart, each recognizing the need for divergent paths dictated by life’s demands. It’s about acknowledging that we both required something different. That’s life, that’s reality.”

The accompanying music video depicts O’aiza awakening with a sense of disquiet before finding solace through dance within his apartment. Clad in a pink shirt, he immerses himself in the music while catching glimpses of his performance against a pink backdrop on television.

Collaborating with Lauren Sultan, O’aiza penned the video’s script and hints at its role as the prelude to a larger narrative yet to unfold.



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