Mauwe are Co-Op’s artists of the week!

Longstanding British institution Co-Op are one of our biggest clients with over 4,500 stores across the UK.


The huge retail chain take their shopping experience very seriously. Every week they customize their own in house radio station to make your shop as enjoyable as possible.


Any music programmed into these playlists can be heard by a huge number of people per day so we’ve been over the moon to learn that Mauwe are this weeks Artists of the Week thanks to their support from Rhiza Music.


This spotlight ensures that the groupwill have multiple features in all of the shops per day, racking up millions of plays as well as introductions to encourage new fans.


Mauwe was formed out of a combination of serendipity and fate. The two members, Jay and Portia, had been in and around each other’s lives for years, having played the same gig at the age of 15, worked in the same restaurant in Stratford Upon Avon, and coincidentally moved to Bristol around the same time to pursue music. After a chance encounter in a bar, they vowed to jam and formed Mauwe very quickly afterwards.

Whether you believe that everything happens for a reason, or just think that the world is a giant lottery draw, it is near impossible to argue that this amazing story of chance encounters hasn’t lead to something fresh, pure and exciting.