Forgotten Roger Taylor record, back in the limelight!

30 years in the shadows, what a wonderful record to have made it back into the public eye.

We’ve synced this into some very special bespoke retail spaces which will be the only places in the world this record can be heard until it becomes digitally available at the end of September.

“Originally released back in 1984, ‘Two Sharp Pencils’ is a record by Queen drummer Roger Taylor – Official, featuring him on vocals as well as drums, bass & guitar.

 It’s A rare B-Side that long resided in the shadows, worshiped by the stanchest fanatics and those fortunate enough to have stumbled upon it.

 Fast forward 30 years and Two Sharp Pencils is back, ready for a 2017 spin on your turntables.

 The records is full of character, unexpected turns and moments of joyful brilliance, it’s every DJs dream: Statement records that will illuminate every dancefloor and stage at which it is dropped”

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