Self-proclaimed “A-Flop” artist Lucy Spraggan has released a new single for the world to absorb. Lucy creates colorful acoustic folk pop music with songs that tend to have heartfelt lyrics and catchy acoustic beats. “Dear You” is no exception with tender guitar riffs, rap-like vocals between a sung chorus, and lyrics about losing an old friend to suicide. The music video starring Thomas Turgoose adds to the factor of powerful emotions as it attempts to raise awareness of the mental health issues that many individuals are impacted by directly or indirectly. Lucy herself comments on the single: “It’s quite a sad story, but mental health is an issue I really wanted to talk about.” An incredible release in its entirety, Clash Magazine describes it perfectly: “Emotionally candid and highly intimate, it’s a gentle yet wholly devastating work.”



Little Grace is a modern soul outfit from Liverpool that we’ve been following for a few years. Although they don’t have many recorded releases available for rapid consumption, their few tracks online are golden and fans have been hooked since 2014. Even without an EP, this four-piece group that creates modern and electronic twists on Soul and Motown music styles has quite a following with their activity in the live music scene. They played at the Liverpool International Music Festival last month at The Jacaranda, and are soon to feature at Liverpool Loves 2016! You can find them at the Soul Fest Stage on August 6th. If you can’t make it over to Liverpool for the festival, be sure to find Little Grace on the web and give their tracks a listen, you won’t be disappointed.