Who can work with Rhiza Music ?

We work with emerging and independent artists who own their recordings outright and are actively self releasing or releasing via independent labels. We also work with established indie labels who release music from a variety of artists.

How will my music be distributed and played ?

i) Via digital jukeboxes – these are sophisticated, wall mounted ‘touch screen’ boxes which offer the browser a full range of music. Our priority is to offer music to the ever growing and in demand, “Breaking Bands” section on the players where listeners have the chance to discover new music.

ii) Via fully licensed digital background music systems used by a wide selection of UK venues or retail outlets as a means to provide the right music for their customers to enjoy. We work with the providers of that music to ensure that your music is considered for suitable playlists or included in their background music selection.

Am I entitled to any public performance income from the jukebox & background music systems?

If you are the artist or a performer on the recordings, you will be entitled to collect 100% of the performers share of PPL royalties generated from airplay.

Do I have to be a member of a collection society to work with Rhiza Music ?

No you don’t have to be a member but we encourage all performers to join PPL to ensure they receive their performers share (and it’s free to join)! There’s a link at the bottom of our website to take you directly to the PPL performer membership area.

If I’m an emerging artist, does this affect any of my rights in my recordings ?

In no way does working with Rhiza affect your rights to release the same recordings via a third party label, self release them, distribute, promote, synch, license or commercially exploit them via your own channels.

How long does the deal with Rhiza last ?

3 years after which time the rights owner is free to terminate the deal.