Weird Shapes

Kenneth Kensington says that the length of public outrage is directly proportional to the amount of Daily Mail front page misery exclusives that litter the road like badly designed paving slabs. The cogs turn to the rhythm of Noughties America, stars with so much fuck appeal they look like parodies of wasps chewing batteries. A small asexual drone weeps down the airwaves, as wanten teens, listen, salivating profoundly over pictures of Robbert Fripp and Brian Eno . It was recently announced a cost cutting scheme that saw dogs being substituted for children in the suburbs of west Teesside, which brought shame to the cat based culture that had been thriving in the areas concrete council flats. Contrary to popular belief music is a state of mind, a state of flux in which Bears can roam freely un-inhibited by the authorities, the French or the idea that red men can work equally in a sub zero climate-society. Apparently ducks fly backwards when being chased by ice cream vans playing a mutated hybrid of pattern guitars, soft synth and Stravinsky’s rite of spring, this is also what makes horse’s run with both legs at right angles. we are all tangled up but never caught. All aboard the Weird Shapes train of thought.

Weird Shapes are a band.

Their debut single Weird Shapes Light/Blue Sky at Night has
been produced by Radiohead co-conspirator and ‘There Will Be Blood’ producer Graeme Stewart.

It’s out now.


“A Wonderful Sound” Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

“Flipping Magic” Bob Fischer – BBC Introducing (on Blue Sky at Night)

“Mathy, brainy, guitar work, bound together with angelic soaring vocals” Gill Mills Amazing Radio (on Blue Sky at Night).

“Takes you away to another place” Charlie Ashcroft – Amazing Radio (on Weird Shapes Light)