Tom Speight

Until 2014, Tom Speight released music as Thomas J Speight. He even has two separate Spotify pages that have different songs/albums for each time period/name. Regardless, he has picked up quite a following as his acoustic americana music is equally easy to listen to as it is catchy and engaging. Graduating from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, resulting in the praise of Sir Paul McCartney regarding his music, Speight has been releasing EPs for a few years and touring Europe as well.

Speight has always been a lover of music and has been writing songs since he was 12. He looks up to artists like Ryan Adams and The Shins, and has collaborated on his most recent release, “Little Love EP,” with Denai Moore and The Staves. He has opened for the likes of Jake Bugg and Mumford and Sons, and is soon to release a new EP in July, “Falling.”