Silver Swans

Based in San Francisco, this electronic pop duo has been releasing music since 2009. Their first full album, Forever, made its debut in 2012 but Silver Swans are still making waves in the music scene with their dreamy sound. Between Ann Yu’s incredible vocalizations and Jon Water’s instrumental work, the electronic music they create is the definition of chill.  Ann finds that she prefers the music she creates within Silver Swans than the angst-y sounds of her previous band LoveLikeFire claiming that these tunes come more natural to her. Authentic, moody and confident, we can’t wait to hear new releases from this duo but in the meantime, their older tracks on repeat will do just fine.

“The twosome has managed to utilize elements of something boring and dry and turn it into something uniquely heartfelt and unshakably catchy.”

- Anthem Magazine