Master & Dog

Master & Dog ( Formerly John, Shelly & the Creatures) formed in 2007. The bands original name, John, Shelly and the Creatures came from a chance meeting with two Irish twins named John and Shelly. It’s a long story. The band recently changed their name to Master & Dog for various reasons, the name originating from one of the bands favourite songs “Master & Dog” by Quasi.

Master & Dog are made up of band members: Kevin Carlisle (Drums, percussion & vox), Philip Watts d’Alton (guitar, vox, keys, bass, mandolin), Ger Gormley (bass, vox, guitar, mandolin, keys) and Walter (guitar, vox, keys, mandolin and drums). They are influenced by a wide variety of genres and are unafraid to mix things up when it comes to recording and playing live. ‘With a dazzling array of instruments and songwriting that has been fine-tuned to a striking degree, the foursome’s laidback sound, coupled with gritty lyrics, recalls The Lemonheads’ (Irish Times) and fellow Northern band Snow Patrol. ‘Rather than knock you off your seat with rambunctious riffs or profound ideas, this band are just effortlessly monumental’ and maintain a sense of intrigue whilst being immediately powerful and engaging. The stunning graceful and tender effort – LONG MAY YOU REIGN- reads like a summers day smile, whilst their debut album DINOSAUR, is a whole actors handbook of facial expressions (AU Magazine). The band play in select venues and at various festivals throughout the Summer of 2010. ‘KILLER’ is their follow up to single ‘LONG MAY YOU REIGN’, which received (and still receives) critical acclaim. It also featured in The Northern Irish Tourist Board TV, Radio and Cinema Advert. They also performed the song live, to over 20,000 spectators in the RDS arena. Which was a high moment for the band in their short career to date.

This is a band unafraid to match their musical peers and they know how to write great music. They signed a publishing deal with Big Life Music Ltd (Snow Patrol, The Verve, Badly Drawn Boy…) being one of the only independent Irish bands to do so. On the lead up to their Debut album launch Master and Dog performed on Ireland’s biggest and most well known TV shows THE LATE LATE SHOW, achieving quite an accomplishment for an unsigned band doing it on their own, then again they are not your average unsigned band. Their album has received rave reviews from national Publications, declaring the band as BRILLIANT.