We thought it was time
For a biog in rhyme
Cause biog’s are boring
And it saves writing lines
We’ve been doing our thing
For the past fifteen years
With tracks for the Radio
As well as our peers
On Cheap thrills
And Great Stuff
While digging Fool’s Gold
And Animal Language
Where our own stuff is sold
With a ‘Refurb’ not remix
And artwork hand drawn
We both guarantee
This is better than porn
We’ve reworked the tracks
Of the trendy and famed
Moby, Roisin, Amok
And more household names
We could make you a list
Though these are so dull
We’d rather you checked out
Our studio full
Of racks and of boards
And of stuff electronic
While geeking and nerding
About kick drums and sonics
We also play live
With our synchronized show
Taking lights, sights and sounds
From Amsterdam to Ri-o
Still needing some info
On what we’re about?
We’ll send you that long list
Just give us a shout