Jonny Winston

From the midst of the not too far yet distant town of Northampton, Jonny wasn’t seen as the most likely type to be sitting in his room writing songs. This was nothing that he was ever really proud of or would go and shout about to his friends. You could say that being a musician was his little secret, which made him a bit of a dark horse in some respect. Moving to London and learning more about the production of music allowed him to open up, experiment and flourish.

Jonny’s earliest influences stem from the great soul legends such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Al Green. The unlimited collection of old soul & Blues vinyl’s his parents kept soon found their way into his hands at a very young age and it became near impossible for him to dodge his feel & talent for sounds. These early influences ultimately led to Blues and RnB being Jonny’s main influence when writing however, his own sound is something that is constantly transforming and moulding to his life experiences. Experimentation is his vice, so don’t be surprised if one minute it’s Soul/RnB and the next it’s something a little more alternative which having a bedroom studio allows him to constantly indulge in. Always being the type of kid to make use of objects around him when instruments weren’t available has also become evident in his current production methods.