Falling Off Maps

Recorded in Basements, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Living Rooms throughout England, the self produced debut from Nottingham’s Falling Off Maps has taken quite some time to come to fruition.

Beginning at the start of 2009, the band had no designs on where the project would take them, instead, armed with just a name and an album title they emailed home demos and ideas back and forth seeing what captured the right mood and slowly but surely the piece of work that is ‘A Seaside Town In Winter’ began to take shape.

With such a large amount of the original recordings having the raw honesty and intimate nature the band were keen to capture, it was decided very early on not to try to replicate but just keep as many of those first recording’s as possible for the final record.The result is raw, at times beautiful, with every noise and nuance left intact, its presence there either a decision or a happy accident. Even in its most epic moments, you still feel like you are in the room just a few feet from the band.
On this evidence, there is rather a lot to be said for spending less than five hundred pounds to make a record yourself, even if it did take three years.