Algernon Doll

Algernon Doll returned with his brilliant new single ““Spilt Milk Perfume” earlier this year taken from the forthcoming album which was released in June 2014 via Struggletown Records.

“Spilt Milk Perfume” sees Algernon Doll, aka Ewan Grant, continue to hone and perfect his alternative guitar sound and poignant lyrics. At just 24 years old, Ewan already has two critically acclaimed albums behind him and is due to release a third later this year. Having initially been compared to Elliott Smith due to his acerbic, alternative acoustic style, Ewan has exhibited his chameleonic creative output by altering his sound with each release – with every single or album different from the last.

“Spilt Milk Perfume” pulls on influences such as Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins and Fugazi to produce an up tempo, driven rock track, one which the aforementioned bands could proudly call their own. Ewan’s characteristic lyrics are still evident as the single comes to life with chiming guitar, distorted vocals and an expert drum beat reminiscent of Dave Grohl on In Utero.

Over the last year Algernon Doll has been supported by the likes of, Mad Mackerel, Radar Scotsman, God Is In The TV, For Folk Sake and Artrocker – highlighting the diversity in the music he creates. 2014 is a year where Algernon Doll aims to further enhance his reputation as one of Scotland’s most talented up-and-coming musicians.