About Rhiza Music

  • Our Philosophy

    Rhiza is a derivative of rhi·zome* /ˈrīˌzōm/ (noun)

    We all experience music virtually everywhere we go (in bars, cafés, shops, restaurants, clubs, pubs, hotels, cinemas, gyms, student unions, the list goes on…) and at Rhiza it’s our mission to ensure that the independent music industry, in all its staggering diversity, has a clear route to being played in such “spaces” via our growing network of in-venue music players.

    Our network currently includes over 16,000 public venues operated by businesses such as Greene King, Marstons, Arcadia Group, Virgin Megastores.

    At Rhiza Music, we are dedicated to sourcing music from emerging artists and the independent music sector, an area of the music industry guaranteed to offer innovative and diverse music solutions for in-venue music providers. At the same time, we are able to offer emerging talent, breaking bands, independent artists, labels, publishers and underground music increased airplay and performance opportunities aswell as an alternative way to promote their music.

    *A rhizome is a plant stem that grows horizontally under or along the ground and sends out roots and shoots. New plants then develop from the shoots.

  • Artists

    Looking for your music to be heard in a wide variety of public venues?
    Do you want a new promotional opportunity for your music?

    • We work directly with independent artists, from across all genres, who self release; release via indie labels or sell direct to fan.
    • Our artists retain all their rights to release recordings and commercially exploit their music in any way they see fit.
    • We only work with PPL and PRS licensed in-venue media providers and as such aim to generate more royalties for artists and performers through increased performance and airplay.
    • We are the sole provider of emerging music to a unique “Breaking Bands” channel across a large network of venues.
    •  We look to position artists and their music into more strategic partnerships with suitable brands (within the retail, hospitality or leisure industries).
  • Digital System Providers

    Looking for bespoke music content from a reliable, proven source ?

    • We are passionate about discovering gifted independent artists – both new and established – from across the globe. This rich pool of talent can supply in-venue music providers with the cutting edge, trend-setting repertoire today’s audiences demand.
    • Direct access to a network of independent record labels and publishers who supply us, on a daily basis, with new releases from emerging artists from key genres such as electronic, singer songwriter, alternative, left-field pop and indie.
    • We provide high quality 320 MP3 files which are rights included and contain all necessary metadata.
    • All our music is comprehensively checked prior to distribution and any offensive and inappropriate language removed.
    • We work with in-house music teams to provide bespoke playlists for on brand music solutions.